[hyoo-mil-i-tee] noun
the quality or condition of being humble;
modest opinion of one’s own importance.


[dih-tur-muhney-shuh n] noun
the act of coming to a decision
or of fixing or settling a purpose.


[hohp] noun
a feeling of desire for something and
confidence in the possibility of its fulfillment.


[feyth] noun
strong or unshakeable belief in something,
especially without proof or evidence.

Providing Support for Women Transitioning from Prison Into Tampa Bay Communities

First Touch Mission (FTM) provides housing and mentoring support to women transitioning out of prison. The program is designed to help participants break the cycle of returning to prison or returning to the patterns of their “old life”. FTM offers housing, financial aid, support and mentoring to the women accepted into the program.

Since opening the doors of Hope House, our residence home, in 2008, we have admitted 20 women to Hope House. Most of these women are employed and living as healthy, productive contributors to society. Of those who stayed the course and graduated the program, only one has returned to prison

While we have not yet reached our goal of a 100% success rate, we are proud to say that we have far exceeded the national average, where only 30% of offenders adopt a lifestyle that doesn’t involve returning to prison.

Mission News

Giving Thanks

Thank you to Karl Flammer Ford of Tarpon Springs for donating a new car to one of our current Hope House residents.  This donation will allow her to pursue a job in Air Conditioning; the industry for which she was trained while in prison. As we approach the end of...

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The Rewards of Being a Mentor

Becoming a mentor for First Touch Mission has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever been a part of.  I didn’t have any formal training to be a mentor.  I simply had a loving heart and a willingness to help.  Alongside four or five other mentors, I help...

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First Touch Mission Brings Hope and a Future

It is often a difficult transition when someone who has been incarcerated returns to the community. Ex-offenders face obstacles such as finding a place to live, securing a job, building healthy relationships, and finding moral support. First Touch Mission (FTM) offers...

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