Our Story

Mission Statement

The First Touch Mission provides support, guidance, healthy relationships and positive role modeling, in a Christian environment, for women transitioning from prison to improve their chances of success and greatly reduce their chances of returning.

Why Women

In an article written by Marsha Weissman in the year 2000, the statistics of the effects of an incarcerated parent, especially the mother, upon her children is profound. These children have been associated with poor academic achievement, involvement in delinquency and gang-related activities, violence and eventually adult criminal behavior. One study estimated that children with imprisoned parents are almost six times more likely than their counterparts to become criminally involved and incarcerated at some point in their future. Those statistics have not changed much over the years and it is the main reason First Touch Mission was created.  At First Touch Mission, we strive to become change agents, not just for the women, but for their children as well. In doing so, we have found that not only has the world of the women been changed, but the world of their children, grandchildren, mothers, and siblings. Generational change has the trickle-down effect, thus halting the cyclic behaviors of families lost in the world of substance abuse, criminal behavior, mental illness and domestic violence. Prison destroys families. Our prayer is that through the restoration of one woman at a time, generational healing can occur.