The Facts About Incarcerated Women

Cost of incarceration of females in Florida

Type of Facility Average Population Total Per Diem Security Operations Health Services Education Services
Adult and Youthful Female Custody 5,084 $69.74 $46.07 $22.09 $1.58
Total Cost per day $354,558
Total Cost per year $129,413,728

Other Facts About Female Prisoners and the Effects on Children Nationwide

Single Mothers Children Affected Children Living With Relative Children In Foster Care School Failure & Agression in the Children
77% 1,386,000 74% 18% 50%+

Abuse, Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Diagnosis in Female Prisoners

Physical/Sexual Abuse Abuse Reported in Foster Care Drug Abuse  Mental Health Diagnosis Victims of Domestic Violence (subjective)
 80%  84% 80% 73% 75%

Rise in Female Incarcerations Over 26 Years

Incarcerated Women 1977-2004

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, “Prisoners Under State or Federal Jurisdiction”